- Welcome to Little Gransden Airfield –

EGMJ the home base of Mark Jefferies Air Displays and the Global Stars aerobatic team

The airfield is quite wet (29-1-16). You can fly a single flight but DO NOT fly mulitple times, allow other users to fly. The corner near the hedge is getting cut up because people for a strange reason like to get there planes muddy. Take a big arc around the corner using an unused part of teh grass.

This years family airshow is on 28th August 2016. last year we gave £65,000 to children’s charities. Come and join us for a stunning show.

Two Hanagar spaces and parking available now. Call Mark on 07785 538317

Greg Burns at Two two fly operates a C42 school here with controls suitable for disabled pilots.

It’s always a pleasure when someone shows an interest at our airfield and we’re delighted you’ve chosen to have a look at our website to find out more. We hope you’ll find it useful and informative.

We have a thriving club where you can talk flying, take part in flying activities or bring your family for club non-flying events.

Hangarage and outside parking available for GA and ultra light types.

Come and take a look at any time. We’re open to the public, so just walk in and see us. You can also have a cuppa and a small snack to eat in our lovely new club room positioned to catch the sun.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Mark Jefferies a/f owner.

The Club room serviced by Jasmine and Tara providing Coffee, Tea, Cakes & Snacks on a DIY basis with honesty box.